A leading supplier of critical components in the marine sector

Kalyani Strategic Systems Limited has emerged as a leading name in the marine sector. As a technology driven global leader in metal forming for the past 50+ years, KSSL serves the marine sector with a wide range of marine product offerings including Shafting & Propulsion Shafting Integrator (PSI), Naval Guns, Control Systems for Steering Gear, and Mechanical Products among others. KSSL also offers Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO) and Upgradation services in this segment.

Areas of Focus

Underwater Systems Strategic Systems Marine Engineering Systems Naval Armament Other Programs
- Torpedoes - Li Ion Batteries for Submarines - PSI & Shafting components - Indigenization of Naval Armament including Guns & Ammunition - AI based solution for ISR & UWR
- Underwater Targets - Steering Gear for submarines - Acoustic Warning Device
- Main Circulating Pump


Shafting & Propulsion Shafting Integrator (PSI)

We are technically qualified and understand the complexities of PSI coupled with our in-house Manufacturing, Metallurgical & Design Capability to provide a complete solution for various marine applications.

Naval Guns

From our core capability of manufacturing artillery gun system, we are now pursuing new avenues towards development of Naval Guns of various calibres such as 57mm & 127mm

Expendable Underwater Target (EUT)

Active self-propelled units launched from ships or helicopters, designed to acoustically simulate a target (radiated noise and target strength Used to train operators (surface vessels and submarines) in discovery & tracking

Mechanical Products

We supply a range of components such as Rudder Stock, Fin Stabilizer shaft, Crankshaft, connecting rod etc. for marine application

Upgradation & MRO of Homing Head and Torpedoes
Control Systems for Steering Gear

Hydraulically operated System for Navigation of Submarine Steering system